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WWII Rations is a Kentucky based small business. I began developing ration items in 2007 out of a need for reliable realistic rations.  As a re-enactor I grew tired of trying to recreate my own rations with often inaccurate and poorly researched PDF documents that would be printed on flimsy card stock with ink that would run as soon as they got wet.

When I looked at what other vendors were passing off as "authentic ration reproductions" I nearly fell out of my chair!! Not only were they inaccurate but they were outrageously expensive. I wanted to make our site a one-stop-shop for ration items that were both authentic and reasonably priced.

I decided to research and develop my own line of rations. I spent almost two years just researching dimensions, contents, colors, brand names, and fonts to create truly authentic rations.  My products have been on display at the Patton Museum of Calvary and Armor at Ft. Knox KY., as well as at the Air Force Academy museum in Colorado, and the General Tommy Franks Leadership Institute and Museum in Oklahoma.

I consider it the highest honor when someone tells me that one of my reproductions looks like something original in their collection.  Are they perfect? No, they are not, and neither were the originals. I have however tried to recreate the proper fonts and printing methods of WWII rations.  I have a very close relationship with my printer and he uses the same "off set" printing process that was used during WWII on a machine that is over 75 years old.  Most of our single color items are printed this way.

I will only sell what I have in stock. I never take pre-sales orders. Production times always take longer than expected then everyone gets mad when the stuff that they ordered 6 months ago has not arrived. The items you see on our site are in stock and ready to ship. We have a very good inventory system so most items ship the next business day.  I pride myself on quality customer service. If there ever is a problem with your order I will contact you to let you know.